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Your boiler is one of the most expensive and essential items in your home, to keep the boiler working safely all year round it is important that you have it serviced annually, Waveney Plumbing and Heating provide a reminder service and we will contact you when your boiler service is due for renewal. We are a Gas Safe registered company which ensures we are competent and qualified to work safely and legally with gas. The four key benefits of having your boiler regularly serviced include:

  • Safety: While gas leaks are rare, regular maintenance will help avert any such incidences and keep your home/family safe and reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Energy efficiency: Regular servicing is also a great way of ensuring that your boiler uses energy in the most efficient manner and does not hike up your energy bill.

  • Extend boiler life: An annual gas boiler service will ensure that you can use your boiler for the longest time possible.

  • Boiler cover claims: Importantly, even if you have a boiler cover, the home insurance company will require boiler service records to honour your boiler repair claim / warranty

  • When we complete your boiler service you will receive your certificate and the opportunity to opt in to our free 'boiler service reminder' service and receive a text, email or letter before your next service is due. Click Here to get a free no obligation quote for your boiler service.

  • As a landlord you have a legal requirement to ensure all gas appliances (e.g. fittings, piping and flues) are safely installed and maintained by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

    Waveney Plumbing and Heating specialise in carrying out your required Annual safety checks on each gas appliance in your property and will provide 2 copies of your CP12 certificate, for you and your tenant. We are trusted by a large number of both landlords and letting agents in and around the Waveney district and strive to maintain our excellent reputation for being reliable, competent and always providing a great service.

    When we complete your Landlord Certificate you will receive a certificate which you will have the opportunity to opt in to our free 'Landlord Certificate reminder' service and receive a text, email or letter before your next service is due. Click Here to get a free no obligation quote for your Landlord certificate.

    Waveney plumbing and Heating carries out a power flush as standard on all boiler installations power flushing dislodges and flushes away silt, sediment, corrosion and any other deposits that are within the central heating system. The benefits of this include:

  • Faster radiator "heating" up time with all radiators producing increased amounts of heat (no cold spots!).

  • Reduces the noise output from boiler and system.

  • It will help to heat your home more efficiently reducing your energy costs.

  • Better hot water temperatures.

  • Less risk of breakdown.

  • More reliable and efficient central heating system, and will prolong your boilers life.

  • It will help increase the life of your central heating pump.

  • It reduces radiator corrosion or internal heating system corrosion.

  • Call Craig and book your power flush today and experience the first class service Waveney Plumbing and Heating provide.

  • Waveney Plumbing and Heating regularly carry out complete installations, whether you need a new boiler installed or just a radiator replacement, Craig and the team will ensure your job will be installed safely with mimimal disruption.

    There are a number of benefits you can gain from replacing your boiler:

  • Increased Efficiency, Increased Savings - Modern boilers are able to make the most of condensing technology. This means that the boilers are able to make better use of the heat energy they generate and can reduce your bills.

  • Reliability - New Boilers tend to be a lot more reliable than older models, helping to save you money by removing the need for expensive repair work. Most modern boilers even help you to understand any problems thanks to inbuilt self diagnosis tools and fault detection, making it easier to identify issues and get them fixed in the most time efficient manner.

  • Warranty - most new boilers now come with 5-10 years warranty so you have peace of mind that there will be no large unexpected bills for your boiler in that period.

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